Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cutthroat Classic Photos

Congratulations Runners!   

It doesn't get much better than that!  What a great day today.

Here are the photos from MVSTA in a web album which you are free to download the photos and use as you wish.

Fantastic photos from are available for purchase.  Be sure to check his photos as well, Steve is a fantastic photographer.

Thanks again for coming out and supporting Methow Trails!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why did the cow cross the trail?

Answer:  To get to the udder-side!

There are many trails (and roads) in the Methow Valley where you may encounter cattle. No one likes to be startled out on the trail...including animals! Here is some sage advice on how to handle the situation when you meet livestock.

Cattle should be approached slowly and quietly. Suddenly startling cattle will cause them to act unpredictably and with a high degree of unnecessary stress. Cattle will often charge down the trail you want to travel when you approach them aggressively. The best approach is to sensitively alert the animals that you are approaching and ease off your speed. If you approach the animal from behind, allow them to move down the trail until they can easily move off to the side. If possible, travel off to the side of the trail, this allows the animal to figure out a better escape route. Cattle have wide viewing areas. Travelling directly behind them is a predatory move which causes them to move faster. Moving to their side allows them to better see you and to move away from you and off the trail.

If you happen to meet an entire herd of cattle or livestock on the road, stop, step to one side and stand still and quiet. If the herd is being driven under the control of cattle ranchers, let them lead the cattle in the desired direction.

Please close all gates that you enter and exit!!!  

Ranching and recreation go hand in hand in the Methow Valley. It's another one of those special aspects of living, visiting and playing here!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

ALL Sunflower Race Photos

Here are some photos from Stephen Mitchell at Mitchell Image. You may download the low resolution images of these photos. Full size images are available for purchase at

Click photo below to view the album.
Sunflower Marathon 2014 ©stephenMITCHELL Images

Here are some photos from legs #1 and #2 of the Sunflower Marathon and Relay. Feel free to download any of these and use them as you wish.

Click the photo below to view the album.
2014 Sunflower

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sunflower Teams SOLD OUT!

The Balsamroot is just starting to bloom in Winthrop. The timing of the May 10th Sunflower Marathon and Relay might just be at the peak bloom!  

We are SOLD OUT for team entries. Still space for marathon runners who want to experience the thrill of running from Mazama to Twisp. 

Here is the Team Roster.  Some great team names here! 

HHRG Half Carafes 
Basher B Van
The Rutabagas
We'd Rather be Mountain Biking
Team Pickle
Skagit Sunflowers
kickin mules
Code Blue
Methow Mamas
Best of the Bashers
Lady Lions
The Ganbaro Gang
Spirit Animals
Runaway Moms!
es petits pois chiches
Westside Webfoot Runners
Testing Einstein's Theory of Relativity
NW fit Coast Busters
Team Eusterbrock
Wild Flower Women
Green Canopy Runners
Team Finger
The Flying Gambles
Not As Fast As We Look
Chads and their better halves
The Fabulous Five
Well Traveled
ThunderGun Express
The Nordis
Laura's Last Legs
Forty and Flying
Wonder Bolts
Blonde Lightning
Owl the Way
In a Relay-tionship
The Sunflower Chasers
Lawyer, Writer, Chemist, Laywer aka Out for a Stro
Frolic for Forty
Greenlake Herd
Johns Juggernaut
The Sunflower Seeds
James' Giants
Not Fast but Furious
CK Squared
HHRG Torture Sandwich
HHRG Pain au Chocolat
HHRG Butterup
SET Coaching
Carlton Cruzers
The Dashing Gents
Lightning L
Skagitonians Over the Hill
Things that seem like a good idea when you've been...
Valley Girls
Sunflower Fields Forever
Hauling Sass
Hot purple
Awesome Sauce. 2
Chrissy Fuentes
Team Miskin
Team Dexter
Downhill Runners
Girls on Fire
Karate Sawing Jabberwocks
Larissa and the Boys
Windhorse Runners
Team O'Marosenberg
The Three Bears
OSB Beer Runners
team Sanken
Team Roasting Goats
Second Time Around
Pickled Syzygy
McSpor Water Cooled
Nature Sprites
Slesk Family
The Runners
Molasses Crew
The Huxley Heartbreakers
Team Sunbeam
C Squared
Snot Rocket Science
Toe Biters
Run for the Forest Run
The Sunny Sunflowers
The Mid-Englanders
Awesome Sauce.1
Scooby Snacks
Cream Buffs

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunflower Marathon and Relay May 10

For 34 years, every May, we have been running through fields of wildflowers!  

We hope you can join us Saturday, May 10th for the Sunflower Marathon and Relay!.  Gather your friends and family and form a team of 2-5 runners or tackle the full 26.2 miles from Mazama to Twisp all by yourself.  Don't wait to register, team entry is limited and sells out every year!  See you there!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fat Bike all through April

Fat bikers taking a break at Grizzly Hut in the Rendezvous 

Attention Fat Bikers!

Starting April 1st, all the trails in the Rendezvous and all the trails at Sun Mountain will be open to fat bikes. Collectively this is 63 miles of snow-covered trails. The ski trails are the last thing to melt out each spring so you can probably expect snow trails all through April.  This is a great opportunity to continue to ride on the snow!  The best riding will be in the early morning before the snow softens.  Please obey the same conditions of use as winter as to not damage the trails. A trail pass is not required from April 1st on.  ENJOY!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Groomer Appreciation Party March 27

Our groomers perform feats of strength all winter, rising in the middle of the night and grooming up to 8 hours in the dark at a top cruising speed of 4-6 miles per hour. On good nights they go out in the snowcat, plug in their iPod and listen to the same playlist over and over again. On other nights they sit exposed to the elements on a snowmobile.

Many of you have asked..."who are these people and how can I thank them?"  Here is an opportunity to sit shoulder to shoulder with these superheros and thank them for another great season.

Thursday, March 27
Old Schoolhouse Brewery 
4:00pm - 6:00pm  

Please feel free to stop by and enjoy the company of these fantastic MVSTA employees.

2014 Grooming Team: 
Joe, Mike, Steve, Rob, James, Lliam, Mike, Torre, Ed, Alan and Jake.